Our Dealers: A diverse
group of talented people.






Over the course of twenty plus years, we at Mirage have been exposed to many dedicated and amazing Dealers of our product. We have observed some common trends throughout these people that are the key elements of their success:

A willingness to work hard

Strong knowledge of the products and services they sell

Commitment to funds and effort to market their business

A customer service orientation and ability to highlight benefits of a product

We seek individuals and companies who have the will and the know-how to aggressively promote Mirage Screens and uphold the reputation and integrity of the Mirage product name. You must be good with your hands, understand basic building practices and have the ability to work with power tools. In addition, an entrepreneurial spirit is required to build any successful business.

Case Study: Bob Perry

Firefighter & Mirage Dealer

Who are Mirage Dealers

Mirage retractable screen dealers are entrepreneurs, home improvement businesses, and professionals who want to get out of the corporate world, people who want to be their own boss. Firefighters, retired Military members, and those looking for part time or seasonal work, such as teachers, and even newly retired individuals make great Mirage screen dealers.

Mirage Screen Dealers are typically highly organized owner/operators. Some of our Dealers offer an array of products that complement Mirage, others make their living selling & installing Mirage products alone.

mirage dealers are home renovation professionals

Home Renovation Professionals

Handymen, General Contractors, Window/Door/Skylight Installers

Because home renovation professionals are already in a customer’s home working on a project, they also have a great opportunity to enhance their services and customer satisfaction by selling Mirage retractable screen products.

Our Mirage screen dealers include all types of renovation experts, from local handymen and general contractors to those who specialize in installing specific product lines such as windows, doors, garage doors, or skylights.

In many cases, the tools and skills required to sell and install our Mirage retractable screen products are very similar to what renovation experts are already using in a customer’s home, making the transition to becoming a Mirage screens dealer a seamless process.

mirage dealers are home service specialists

Home Service Specialists

Window Covering Experts, Window Cleaners, Screen Installers, Sun-Control Specialists

For most home service specialists, adding the line of Mirage retractable screens to your existing products is quick and simple. The customers you are in contact with are already actively looking for ways to improve their home, making the addition of retractable window screens or retractable screen doors an easy one. This includes home service specialists such as window covering experts, sun-control specialists, window cleaners, as well as businesses already selling fixed window and door screens.

mirage dealers are part-time workers who want to supplement their income

Individuals with Varied Skillsets and Flexible Time

Retirees, Firefighters, Teachers, Stay-at-home Moms, Former Military Personnel

There are many skilled individuals that have the talent and time to become a Mirage screens dealer. This group may include not only people with previous technical training such as firefighters, former military personnel, and retirees, but also persons with flexible time in different times of the year, such as teachers, or stay-at-home moms.

If you are one of these people, Mirage Screen Systems offers you the opportunity to become a Mirage retractable screens dealer. We are open to working with a broad range of talented individuals that have a reasonable level of technical skills plus what it takes to provide great customer service and professional representation of our retractable screens product line.

mirage dealers are in the fenestration industry

Organizations in the Sun/Shade and Fenestration Industries

Home product specialty stores, Home improvement retail outlets, manufacturers in the door & window industry

If you have an existing business that caters to home improvement, Mirage could be a perfect fit for your business and result in add-on sales and increased profits. Many companies have added Mirage to their professional installation division and enjoyed offering their clients this high value product.

Become A Mirage Screen Dealer!

Since 1997 Mirage Screens Systems has been North America’s leading manufacturer of retractable screen doors and retractable window screens.

Mirage Screens has a network of retractable screen dealers across Canada and the US that are able to run successful dealerships with the Mirage brand as their only product offerings, or as an add-on to their other products and services.

Inquire about dealership opportunities in your area and find out more about why customers trust and refer Mirage, not only for our top-rated retractable screens and support, but also for our network of the most professional retractable screen dealers in North America.

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