The Opportunity



Having a strong, successful Dealer Network is the stability of our business, so likewise it is also important that our dealers be given:

A significant profit center for their business

Clear & accessible training, marketing and business tools

A system that creates consistent representation of Mirage

Timely access to inventory

Benefits of a Mirage Dealership

If you are an individual starting a new business:

  1. Create your own hours
  2. Exceptional profits and margins
  3. Become an entrepreneur and enjoy the fulfillment of running your own business

If you are adding Mirage to your existing business:

  1. Get more revenue out of your workforce
  2. Cross sell your other products
  3. Add a quality, high value product that will get you referral business

Minimal up front financial obligation

Becoming a Mirage Screen Dealer requires little financial obligation. There are no franchise fees or purchase quotes however, some advertising and opening product is needed for a successful start. This can typically be done for $3,000 or less, depending on your market. Contact Mirage for details on potential profits and margins.

What makes Mirage different?

Mirage retractable screens are uniquely designed to create a high quality, high value product but also to create a simpler installation process for our Dealers. These details ensure that you can complete more sales in less time and increase your profits.

mirage screens are cut-to-size to make installations easier

Cut-to-size efficiency

Allows inventory to be held on hand, reducing wait time for your customers and shipping costs – complete the installation and close your sale in less than a day.

pivot-pro handle allows ease of use for the user

PivotPro Easy Release Handle

This innovative handle creates an easy opening screen while still allowing plenty of installation flexibility.

adjust tension on the mirage retractable screen to your customers preference

External tension adjustment

Easily and effectively adjust the screen tension to your clients preference.

What current Mirage Dealers are saying

“I believe Mirage’s greatest contributions to Mirage dealers are quality product, customer service, and a corporate culture supporting two way communications. Integrity and honesty is expected and delivered.”
TJ Rogers, TJ’s Neatscreens
Authorized Mirage Dealer based in Smyrna, TN

“Before I settled on Mirage, I installed or repaired every major brand of retractable screen out there. A lot of guys can say their door is the best but they may not have actually experienced too many products. Simply said, before I experienced the Mirage product, I was not a big believer in retractable screens in general. I think I am a good installer but the Mirage system gives me the opportunity to be better. All of its features combined make for a solid installation for my customers. Proving this, is the number of referrals I get and very few (well less than 1%) service calls.”
Jack Walters, Custom Screen Time
Authorized Mirage Dealer based in Orange, CA

“When I started considering becoming a retractable screen dealer, my first objective was to align myself with a manufacturer whose product quality was top notch and product features were visibly appealing to the customer. Mirage beat the other brands hands down. Beyond that, I knew dealer support was critical to my success, and Mirage’ s commitment to my dealership has been great. Whether I’ve needed information on ordering and stocking items, installation techniques, marketing ideas, or shipping options, Mirage staffers have always responded in timely fashion. They are there to help your business grow.”
Tony Parrino, Illinois Retractable Screens
Authorized Mirage Dealer based in the Chicago area

mirage dealer completing installation for customer

Work with a retractable screen company that believes in its Dealers. We will support you and your business through exceptional product resources, marketing support and product development. You can also expect a customer service team that takes great pride in building a strong relationship with every one of our Mirage Screens Dealers. We want you to (and will help you) succeed.

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