a retractable screen dealer

We are a premier retractable screen manufacturer that believes
in the strength of helping the Mirage dealer community. With over 450 dealers
in the United States and Canada, Mirage is supportive and works hard to help our dealers become successful.


We manufacture and distribute top-quality retractable screen systems, and we are proud to be an industry leader since 1997.  Our retractable screen doors, window screens, and large opening screens are built with high-quality raw materials to a premium standard.

The dealers that sell and install our screens all over North America are an extension of Mirage.  They are our brand ambassadors, professional installers, and passionate supporters of our products.  We place much faith in them and we are grateful that they repay this with their commitment and honest hard work.


Mirage Corporate Promise

We want our dealers to succeed. This is why we have a Mirage corporate promise. One that promises our customers/dealers, that we will support them every step of the way. Not only do we support, but we reward them for their successes.

We believe in nurturing our relationships with our dealers and making them feel a part of the Mirage community.

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Fill in our contact form

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Sign up and follow the training

After you sign up, we will train you to become a great installer of retractable screens. The training includes one-on-one product and installation training as well as help to promote Mirage products.

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After the beginning stages, our support team will be here to help you every step of the way. 

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Get started on your marketing

Our marketing specialist are here to help you market your business. Schedule a call and let us show you the opportunities.

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Our network consists of a variety of dealers in the United States and Canada that are specialized in installing our products on residential and commercial buildings. Our dealer community has over 450 dealers that are committed to being professional, and provide our customers with quality installations.


Are you in the screening business but haven’t stepped into the retractable screen or motorized screen market? Get in contact with us to learn more.


Are you a contractor that is interested in the retractable screen door market? We would love to hear from you.


Are you a window or door manufacturer? You could incorporate Mirage’s products to your product line.