Frequently Asked Questions About Mirage Window Screens

At Mirage Screen Systems our goal is to help each customer find the right window screen solution for their home or outdoor space. The following retractable window screen FAQ includes answers to some of the most common questions asked about window screen installation, repairs and purchasing.

Whether you are planning to install retractable window screens, buying a home with retractable window screens or have been enjoying Mirage window screens for years, this page should answer any questions you may have. If you don’t find the answers you seek in the following FAQ, please use our Dealer Locator tool to contact your local authorized Mirage dealer who will be more than happy to provide a free consultation and answer all of your questions in detail.

What is a Mirage Retractable Window Screen and how does it work?

Essentially a retractable window screen is an insect or solar screen that rolls up into a compact housing on the window so that it doesn’t interfere with the function or aesthetic of the window when not in use. The idea behind retractable window screens is that you only see the screen when it is in use. The screen pulls from the housing and is held in place by a strong magnetic latch. The window screen features a spring-loaded roller tube inside the unit housing that makes it easy to retract the screen. Many homeowners opt for retractable window screens over traditional insect screens because they have less interference with views. To help you further understand how the Mirage retractable window screen works, your local Mirage Dealer can show you a miniature table top model during a free consultation. You can also view our photo gallery online to envision how retractable screen windows will work in your home.

Where can I buy a Retractable Window Screen?

Mirage’s popular retractable window screens are available through local authorized dealers throughout North America. Find one close to you here.

Are Mirage Retractable Window Screens durable and strong?

We have received strong positive feedback from all of our Mirage screen dealers about how durable and strong our retractable window screens really are. Our service department gets few calls and we do not have all the common problems associated with other flimsy, low quality retractable screens made by other manufacturers. Find out more about how our retractable window screens are built to last.

Will the Mirage Retractable Screen fit on my window?

Yes. Each Mirage screen is custom fitted to almost any window application. For large windows, Mirage offers a motorized screen solution that can be as large as 25 feet wide and 16 feet high. These motorized screen solutions also fit windows as small as 3 feet by 3 feet! With just the click of a button you can automatically open or close your window screen! Talk with your local authorized Mirage Dealer for further details.

What makes Mirage Retractable Window Screens better than others?

Customer reviews for Mirage Window Screens are overwhelmingly positive. We aren’t going to list all the reasons to choose Mirage. Instead, we invite you to compare our product’s quality to other retractable window screen options on the marketplace. Shop and compare offerings and prices. We think you’ll find Mirage retractable window screens are the best options, especially considering our great warranty and friendly screen installation services. Here are some pointers in what to ask when shopping around for window screens.

How much does a Mirage Window Screen cost?

Mirage Screen Systems are very competitively priced without sacrificing on product quality, professional customer service or skilled installation. An authorized Mirage Dealer would be happy to provide a price estimate for you on specific window sizes and needs. In most cases our screen dealers can provide a quote over the phone with just a few questions. In some instances the dealer will need to visit your home to see the windows before providing a window screen quote.

How do I fix a retractable window screen? Can it be rescreened?

With proper care and annual maintenance you shouldn’t need to fix your new window screen. If it should need repairs, or need to be rescreened, your authorized Mirage dealer will be happy to make an appointment to repair or rescreen your Mirage window screen for you.

Back to top Will my air conditioning bill go down after installing a Mirage Window Screen?

Many families find that they enjoy the natural flow of fresh air that comes into their home and in many cases are able to reduce how much they use their Air Conditioning. Not only do Mirage window screens better ventilate the home for less, they will also make your home more comfortable in a ‘green’, sustainable way!

Are Mirage Retractable Window Screens easy to clean and take care of?

Homeowners across North America love that Mirage Window Screens are low maintenance screen solutions. Cleaning and taking care of these window screens is an easy process that we recommend you do at least once a year. Simply extend the screen mesh material all the way and vacuum the housing to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. Vacuum and clean the tracks of debris and then lubricate the top and bottom tracks and plastic guides with the silicone spray lubricant provided by your Mirage Window Screen Dealer. Throughout the year we recommend that you regularly inspect the screen mesh for any cuts, scratches or holes. Any window screens with holes should be repaired or replaced by an authorized screen dealer. These simple, low fuss maintenance procedures will keep your Mirage window screens in like-new condition and operating well for years to come.

Will Mirage Retractable window screens provide solar protection and reduce glare on my TV?

There is a number of solar protection solutions offered by Mirage Screens that your local Dealer could explain in full detail. We have sunscreen solutions for windows as well as automated window screens for outdoor spaces. An authorized Mirage Dealer would be more than happy to visit your home to assess your window screen requirements. In fact, our network of screen Dealers are always up to the challenge of solving your unique issue with our range of products designed to make your home more livable and comfortable

Do Mirage Retractable Window Screens open if a pet or child brushes up against it?

No, thanks to Mirage’s secure latch system called the Super Magnet, your window screen should stay secure. The Super Magnet is up to 3 times stronger than our competitors’ window screen latches. This means that no matter who brushes up against the screen, the Mirage window screen will stay closed! The Mirage Super Magnet is also anti-corrosive (no more rust!) and is not available from any of our competitors.

Do Mirage Retractable Window Screens open if a pet or child brushes up against it?

No, thanks to Mirage’s secure latch system called the Super Magnet, your window screen should stay secure. The Super Magnet is up to 3 times stronger than our competitors’ window screen latches. This means that no matter who brushes up against the screen, the Mirage window screen will stay closed! The Mirage Super Magnet is also anti-corrosive (no more rust!) and is not available from any of our competitors.

What colors do Mirage Window Screens come in?

The sky is the limit when it comes to colors with Mirage Retractable Window Screens. Mirage offers seven (7) standard colors, plus ten (10) wood grain colors and twenty-seven (27) unique design colors. If you still can’t find a color that compliments your home, your authorized Mirage Dealer can help you pick a custom color, where every hue and shade imaginable is an option. Read more about our unique custom color match program.

Will a Mirage Retractable Window Screen slam shut?

No. Mirage Retractable Window screens come with adjustable screen tension that prevents it from slamming. This also helps maintain its performance. A high tension window screen will resist the wind while a loose tension will keep the screen from slamming. Your local authorized window screen Dealer will discuss these options with you and install the window screen with your desired tension so that the window screen will open and close as you want. Remember that a taut or high tension screen mesh will last longer and most customers are happier with this solution. Mirage Screen Systems also offers Slow-Close technology that further helps prevent accidental slamming of the window screen. The Slow-Close technology together with adjustable tension ensures your screen door will close as softly and or quickly as you choose.

How do I install a Mirage Retractable Window Screen?

With Mirage Screen Systems you don’t need to worry about installation! Our network of authorized dealers is available to professionally install your retractable window screen system for you. This is because each Mirage screen is custom made to fit your exact window and application. Generally, the window screen is installed inside the window frame or outside the window trim for in-swing windows. The screen is installed inside the home for out-swing windows. During your free consultation your Mirage authorized dealer can explain more about how they will install your new retractable window screen system.

How long does it take to install a Mirage Retractable Window Screen?
Mirage Window Screen installation usually takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the type of application. Your Mirage Dealer will be able to provide a more accurate time estimate for your installations.
What sort of warranty do you offer for Mirage Retractable Window Screens?

Mirage window screens are backed by a solid limited lifetime warranty, view here. Please note that screen mesh is specifically excluded from this warranty. Talk to your local authorized Mirage Dealer for all warranty details.

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