Mirage Retractable Window Screens Technical Data

Every last detail of the Mirage retractable window screens has been perfected.

With over 25 years of experience, Mirage Screen Systems pays close attention to each spec and technical component vital to the longevity and functionality of what we believe is the very best retractable window screen on the market, both in terms of quality and design. From learning, to process development, to continuous window screen improvement, we’ve thought of everything.

This page is designed to give a brief overview of the Mirage retractable window screen technology.

We are happy to make our retractable window screen technical data and CAD details easily accessible to the Architect and Spec Writing community through our website. Download formats include Word, PDF, RTF, ASCII, and DWG files.


Overview of Mirage Window Screen Technology

Here are individual design components that won’t deteriorate over time and serve to create a functional and durable retractable window screen that also won’t interfere with your view:

  • Housing, pull bar and window screen track are made from alloy extruded aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • UV and Impact resistant plastic components are utilized
  • Self-lubricating plastic is used in screen guides
  • Adjustable spring tension and Easy Grip sliding latches
  • Super magnet latch system that is corrosion resistant

Choose from 18/14 Charcoal or Grey Fiberglass Mesh, 20/30 Charcoal or Grey Sunscreen Mesh, or Super Screen (Polyester) Mesh.

Retractable Window Screen Size Spec Summary

  • Custom sized height and width to fit each window, as per submitted drawings.
  • Maximum Track Height: 1 inch (25.5 mm)
  • Track Depth: ½ inch (12.5 mm)

Optional Features for Retractable Window Screens Specs

  • Slow-Close Speed Reducer – this prevents the retractable window screen from slamming and significantly reduces screen recoil
  • Thermal Reinforcement – this adds tear protection around screen edges
  • Bumper Stripping – this protects small fingers from getting pinched

Color Powder Coat Finish Specs

Mirage Screen Systems uses a color powder coat finish that complies with the AAMA 2603-02 weathering specifications. Choose from 7 standard colors, 25+ color options from the designer series, or let us do a custom color match for you!

Retractable Window Screens Installation Data

If you are reading this technical data for the purpose of installation there is no need to fret. Every Mirage retractable window screen is custom made for its application and professionally installed by one of our trustworthy Mirage window screen dealers, located throughout Canada and the United States. Mirage Screen Systems ensures that every spec and detail is perfect for your window. Typically, the installation process takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

Contact a Mirage Window Screen Dealer

For more information about Mirage window screen technology or installation, or to ask a question about Mirage window screens, please contact one of our authorized Mirage window screen dealers or:

Email Mirage Screen Systems.

See our retractable window screen FAQs.

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