Care & Maintenance for Mirage Retractable Window Screen


Congratulations on purchasing a superior retractable window screen product by Mirage Retractable Screen Systems!

As a leading window screen manufacturer, Mirage Screen Systems takes great pride in knowing that our valued customers have grown to love our quality window screen products. By following these simple window screen maintenance and care tips you too, will have years of trouble-free enjoyment with your new Mirage retractable window screen system.

We recommend the following window screen maintenance and care schedule in order to protect your Mirage retractable window screen for years to come and to minimize unnecessary window screen damage and repair:


  • Once a year, use warm soapy water and a soft brush to clean the window screen tracks, housing and mesh.
  • Remove unwanted debris such as small stones, dust and pet hair from the bottom track on a regular basis.
  • Be sure to lubricate the tracks after each annual cleaning using a high quality silicone lubricant spray.
  • Pay careful attention to high traffic and dusty areas where a more frequent cleaning and lubrication schedule may be necessary.
  • Ensure that everyone in your household, including your pets, respect the screen and treat it with care as they would any other piece of household furniture or fixture.
  • To help keep your Mirage window screen clean and minimize the chance of damage, it is highly recommended that you retract the window screen into its housing when not in use.

Minimizing Window Screen Repairs

Your new Mirage retractable window screen is designed to work well in a moderate breeze. However, strong wind gusts can blow the mesh out of the side tracks causing window screen damage that is not covered under warranty.

Owners should take special care to protect their window screen during heavy winds and storms. Mirage window screens are designed to be stored away when not in use. When the wind starts blowing strongly, protect your Mirage window screen and retract it into its housing.

To keep your lifetime warranty valid, Mirage Retractable Screen Systems highly cautions against using the retractable window screen for purposes other than what it is specifically designed for, such as blocking wind gusts from entering the home or for security purposes.

Please Note: Variations in the Mirage window screen fabric appearance, plus how smooth your window screen extends and retracts can depend on a variety of factors including individual mesh fabric production lot, the fabric itself, the window unit size, where the window screen is located, plus wind conditions and other influences.

Contact a Mirage Window Screen Dealer

Mirage Screen Systems offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our window screen products. Please contact a Mirage window screen dealer for help with installation or Mirage window screen repairs, or:

Email Mirage Screen Systems.

For more window screen information view our retractable window screen FAQs.

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