Product Options for Mirage Window Screens

The retractable window screen products that are on the market can vary quite drastically. When buying, it is always recommended that you do a direct retractable window screen comparison and weigh your options for the different window screen products available.


Mirage Retractable Window Screens are built to perform:

  • The window screen guides (plastics that lead the screen mesh down the window) are made of an extremely durable material that has lubricant incorporated right into it allowing smooth screen operation with very little deterioration, delivering years of use and enjoyment.
  • The internal, operable parts of Mirage retractable window screens are treated with a lubricant that is temperature resistant and lasts a long time. One that will ensure your window screen lasts for years without corroding or squeaking, and allowing smooth movement.
  • The inner shaft turns in a brass bushing made of silicon. This allows the retractable window screen to withstand thousands and thousands of openings and closings without weakening the essential components.
  • Mirage Screen Systems also regularly cycle-tests our retractable window screens through 250,000 operational uses so that you can be rest assured that your retractable window screen will last you through the years. In fact, based on using your window screen ten times each day, every day – this equates to nearly sixty nine years of trouble free performance!
  • Our #1 goal is to manufacture the highest quality retractable window screens available that also features the longest trouble-free life possible. We also strive to present this all to you, the consumer, with the ease of use and décor options that you expect from the Mirage brand of retractable screening products.

Retractable Window Screen Mesh

phiferlogoUSA flagMirage retractable window screens are manufactured in the United States. We are pleased to provide many window screen mesh options along with detailed specifications:

Mirage’s standard insect screen can be utilized on nearly any window or door application and is available in Charcoal or Grey color.

window_screen-solar-drawing phiferlogo2

Sun Shades for Windows – We are pleased to announce that retractable window screens by Mirage Screen Systems can also be used successfully as a sun shade. In addition to using regular Phifer™ window and door insect screens, Mirage window screens are also available with Phifer™ solar and insect screening materials. This superior material is capable of removing up to 65% of the heat generating rays, while it keeps out unwanted insects and provides exceptional outward visibility.
To read details regarding Mirage Screen Systems’ flame and fire resistant window screens and screen mesh please click here.
Please Note: Variations in the appearance of the mesh fabric and how smooth the retractable window screens will extend and retract, may be due to the variances in the size of the window screen, the mesh fabric, fabric production lot and the installation location and wind conditions.

Mirage Screen Systems also offers motorized retractable power screens.

Retractable Window Screen Sizes

Mirage Screen Systems custom manufactures retractable window screens with a maximum housing length of 108″ and a “pull” mesh length of up to of 64″. Retractable window screens can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Contact your local Mirage window screen dealer who will handle all of the specifics to ensure you receive a great installation.

Feel free to contact our retractable window screen experts anytime.

Email Mirage Screen Systems.

For more information view our retractable window screen FAQs.

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