Benefits of Retractable Window Screens by Mirage

Retain your beautiful view with a discreet, Mirage Screen System!

Mirage retractable window screens are designed for both in-swing and out-swing casement windows, plus tilt-out windows and ALL other windows where you don’t want a fixed screen to block your stunning views.

Here are some of the top benefits of our Mirage retractable window screens:

  • They remain out of sight when not in use!
  • They let fresh air in while keeping pesky bugs out!
  • They help reduce energy costs with natural cross-ventilation cooling!

FINALLY! A custom retractable window screen that brings function, elegance and style to your home! Just like our renowned Mirage Retractable Screen Doors, all Mirage Retractable Window Screens are built to last.

Trustworthy Retractable Screen Specialists

It is very important to find someone that you fully trust when having them come into your home to perform any kind of service work.

Mirage retractable window screen specialists are located throughout Canada and the United States. They are all authorized Mirage Screen Dealers and trained installers; helping to ensure a quality finished window screen product backed by expert installation services. On top of this, our window screen dealers are friendly, polite and completely trustworthy!

When looking for a reputable window screen specialist, be sure to ask these questions:

  • Does the company place a high value on customer satisfaction?
  • In a time when companies go in and out of business, will your window screen company be around when you need servicing?
  • Do they have a good track record of happy customers?
  • What does the Better Business Bureau have to report?
  • Do they have any complaints on their contractor license record?

Answers to these questions will give you an idea of how responsible and how much value a company places in their customers. Find your local Window Screen Dealer.

Craftsmanship, Integrity, Reliability & Knowledge

These are the kinds of words you’ll find that Mirage customers everywhere use when they talk about their local Mirage window screen dealer.

Let Our Local Mirage Screen Dealers Explain All the Benefits. In a Free, No Obligation Consultation!

If you are serious about installing Mirage Retractable Window Screens in your home, we invite you to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with a local window screen dealer in your neighborhood.

During this free consultation, one of our trusted window screen dealers can help you better understand and visualize the many window screen benefits by:

  • Demonstrating how Mirage window screen features work.
  • Helping to pick out stylish custom colors that match your home’s décor.
  • Explaining our window screen installation process to ensure you are comfortable and confident with your purchase decision.
  • Reviewing the warranty, annual care and maintenance plan.
  • Measuring and writing installation notes for your specific windows to make it easy to place an order should you decide to install Mirage screens.

Finally, during this meeting or shortly after, your local Mirage window screen dealer will provide a quote on total cost and answer any other questions you may have.
We promise there will be no surprises throughout the entire process!

The Most Professional Retractable Screen Dealers in
North America Combined with the Trusted Mirage Product Quality

Contact a Mirage Window Screen Dealer

Perhaps the biggest benefit you’ll find is that all of our retractable window screens come with a limited lifetime warranty. For more details on this warranty or for assistance with Mirage window screen installation or repairs, please contact your local dealer, or:

Email Mirage Screen Systems.

Still have questions? Visit our retractable window screen FAQs page

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