Mirage Retractable Door Screen Technical Data

Mirage retractable screen doors are manufactured with precision down to the smallest technical detail. Nothing is overlooked!

Mirage has been manufacturing retractable screen products for over 25 years. It takes years of learning, process development and continuous improvements to manufacture what we believe is the best retractable screen door on the market for both quality and design.

For the architectural and spec writing community, Mirage is pleased to provide retractable screen door technology data, including CAD Details and Detailed Product Information that can be downloaded directly from our Architect’s Corner web page:

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Retractable Screen Doors Production Information Summary

Our goal is to manufacture the very best retractable screen door with the longest life possible! Here is a summary of the information behind our retractable screen doors technology.

  • Each Mirage Screen door is custom made for each specific application.
  • We custom fit door screens to your door with a maximum height of 108” and maximum width of 64”.
  • Trendy powder coating finish (compliant with AAMA 2604 weathering specifications) is available in 7 standard colors, 25+ optional designer colors plus custom colors as selected by the Architect.
  • Choose from various mesh options, available in either charcoal or grey colors. Find out about mesh flame resistance here.

Mirage Retractable Screen Construction Specs & Technology

  • The housing, pull bar and track are all made from extruded aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • UV and impact resistant plastic components are used
  • Self-lubricating plastic guides allow screen to slide smoothly with minimal wear
  • Adjustable spring tensions
  • Corrosion resistant super magnet latch system and Easy Grip sliding latches
  • ½ inch (12.5mm) track depth and maximum track height of 1 inch (25.5 mm)

Optional Specs Available for Retractable Screen Doors

  • Slow-Close Speed Reducer – creates a “Slow-Close” retraction, which significantly reduces screen recoil and prevents accidental slams.
  • Thermal Reinforcement – adds extra tear protection to our Super Screen mesh
  • Bumper Stripping – keeps small fingers from accidentally getting pinched
  • Slide Bolt – holds the inactive side of a double screen door in place
  • Decorative Decal – improves mesh visibility to help prevent residents from walking into the door screen

Mirage’s Retractable Screen Door Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship

Mirage Screen Systems routinely tests every retractable screen. We’ve proven that our retractable screen doors can endure 250,000 operational cycles, which equates to using the door 10 times per day, each day, for up to 69 years!

Each retractable screen door is professionally installed by an authorized Mirage screen dealer. Depending on the type of application, screen door installation usually takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. This ensures each retractable screen door operates at peak performance.

The retractable screen door is installed inside the door jamb or outside the door’s trim for in-swing door application. Mirage retractable screen doors are installed inside the home for out-swing door application.

By installing a Mirage Screen door system in your home we work together to create a greener tomorrow! Mirage proudly supports sustainable design, while the screen system will help cool your home more efficiently for years to come.

Contact a Mirage Screen Door Dealer

For more information on Mirage retractable screen door technology or for help with screen door installation, please contact one of our authorized Mirage screen door dealers or:

Email Mirage Screen Systems.

See our retractable door screen FAQs.

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