Mirage HydraGlide Slow Close Speed Reducers for Retractable Screens


Mirage Screen Systems offers an optional feature on all of our retractable screen systems called the Mirage HydraGlide, a retractable screen slow-close speed reducer that slows the return of the screen to its housing, providing a smoother screen retraction.

The Mirage HydraGlide is an effective retractable screen feature that not only reduces screen speed but also minimizes the chance of fingers or small hands getting pinched as the retractable screen is closing. And, because the retractable screen braking mechanism only slows the retraction in one direction, opening the screen remains effortless.

Kids and adults alike appreciate the consistent performance of Mirage’s patented HydraGlide slow close screen speed reducer, which we test for more than 20,000 cycles to ensure durability. We believe this proven no slam retractable screen system is the longest lasting, safest hydraulic brake product available to retractable screen buyers.

Mirage’s HydraGlide Patented Technology

3016-a-2015 (2)Our Mirage HydraGlide speed reducer features a patented technology – also known as a retractable screen brake or anti-slam screen system. This slow close retractable screen braking system is designed and built to be long lasting and effortless to operate.  The Mirage no slam retractable screen system uses a hydraulic device with the highest quality mechanism in the marketplace.

While many similar slow close screen systems are dramatically affected by heat or weather, Mirage’s HydraGlide, viscodynamic, retractable screen braking system operates smoothly and silently even after countless cycles and changes in operating environment. The finely tuned design of the fins used and the precise viscosity of the oil used in the retractable screen braking system, produces a reliable, smooth retraction in any condition.

Ask Us About Mirage Slow-Close Retractable Screens

Find an authorized Mirage retractable screens dealer near you to see if a HydraGlide speed reducer is right for your particular application. Find a local Mirage Screen dealer now.

When you invest in a Mirage retractable screen system, you are investing in quality.

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