View Features of Mirage Retractable Screen Doors

Powder Coated Finish

  • 8 Classic Colors
  • Over 25 Diamond Colors
  • 10 Wood Grain Colors
  • Durability; resistant to scratches and marring
  • Ability to match or compliment home décor

Robust Construction

  • 0.80″ aluminum construction
  • High impact, UV resistant components
  • Extra deep tracks, top and bottom
  • Long lasting with the feel of quality
  • Long lasting even in harsh climates
  • Resists billowing in windy conditions

Mesh Options

  • PVC coated fiberglass
  • Polyester
  • Grey or Charcoal
  • Durability without blocking view
  • Resists aggressive pets
  • Ability to match existing screen on the home

Handle Design

  • Deep design
  • Easy to grasp by users of all ages
  • Screen less likely to slip from your hand and slam

Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Covers all parts for the life of the original purchaser, with the exception of the screens mesh. View full Warranty.
  •  Peace of mind

HydraGlide Slow-Close Option

  • Fluid filled speed reducer
  • Few mechanical parts
  • Single direction for easier operation
  • Eliminates accidental slamming of screen
  • Not suitable for all applications

Sill Adapter Options

  • 7 sill adapters; powder coated colors, mill finish or 3 anodized finishes.
  • Wide selection of sill adapters makes it possible to mount the Mirage screen to virtually any door opening
  • Match or compliment your existing door sill

Visibility Decals on Mesh

  • Prevents accidentally walking into the screen when not in use
  • Reduced potential and cost of replacing damaged mesh


  •  Despite the quality difference, Mirage remains competitive in the marketplace

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