Retractable Screens for Patio Sliding Doors

Mirage Screen Systems can show you how to maximize extra airflow and light for your home with retractable screen doors for sliding patio doors.

Mirage uses a customized retractable screen system that enables you to get rid of those hard to close, traditional door screens that usually accompany a sliding patio screen door.

An outside patio or sunroom can add amazing livability to your home, allowing you and your family to enjoy the many benefits of increased natural light and constant fresh air. One of the keys to getting all of the benefits you can from patios and sunrooms is the ability to keep your sliding patio door open as often as you’d like to, while keeping flying insects from getting inside your home.

With traditional patio door screens you also get a significant inherent drawback – whether your patio door is open or not, one half of your glassed door area will always be blocked by a screen.

The Mirage Screen Difference

Now you can take advantage of our flexible and stylish Mirage retractable screen systems.

Because Mirage patio screens can be mounted on either the face of the door frame or the inside door jamb opening, the retractable patio door screen is not only “barely visible” (when tucked away out of sight), but also highly functional. There’s no visual barrier like the typical sliding patio screen and you can use your Mirage retractable patio door screen only when you need it.

Customized Fit Just Like You Need It

We know that people tend to spend a considerable amount of time choosing the design and color scheme of their home. That’s why we’ve designed our Mirage retractable screens to complement and not detract from your home’s décor.

Mirage retractable screen products are available in a huge selection of designer colors and wood grain finishes. You can also order your custom patio door screen in a custom color if necessary! Just talk to our retractable screen experts.

We offer a full range of colors and can custom match the latest colors with finishes specially formulated to resist salt water spray and UV rays. You not only get the best retractable patio door screens for protection and comfort, but also the colors you need to blend beautifully with your home.


The Long-Lasting Quality of Mirage Patio Screen Doors

Whether it’s the high-quality internal mechanisms of our screen doors, the custom colors, or our top-of-the-line aluminum and powder coat finishes, we build Mirage screen systems to last. This quality is the reason we can offer our Mirage Limited Lifetime Warranty on retractable Patio screen doors that offers the peace of mind our customers want.

Learn more about Mirage retractable patio screen door systems. Find a Mirage screens dealer in your area now.

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