Retractable Screen

The world's smoothest
retractable screens

We have put over two decades of thought into our retractable screen doors. 
With a variety of colors that can fit any door in your home, Mirage provides a
wonderful finishing touch to your living spaces.

Our high-quality materials and components allow us to offer a
limited lifetime warranty to ensure this is the last screen door
you will ever have to buy.


Our doors fit the following applications in your house

For every single entry door around the house, our retractable screen doors are the perfect fit.

Our retractable screen doors are smooth and the best choice for any sliding door.

For French Doors & Double Doors, our screen doors have a magnetic system that allows them to fit together seamlessly and open easily.

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Our retractable screens cover up to 64' inches and a maximum of 108' inches in height.

Screen Door Colors

Standard Colors

Polar White

Ex Pebble Grey

Linen Cream

Tudor Brown


Rideau Brown

Slate Grey

Midnight Black

Diamond Series Colors

Furniture White

Ansi 49 Grey

Signal White

Hartford Green



Oyster Grey

Seal Beach Green


Autumn Leaf


Sundried Tomato

Bronze Metallic


Metallic Silver

Metro Brown

Gloss Brown


Mesh options

Insect on h4800 mesh

Nearly all of our doors are installed using standard fiberglass mesh (the same as what is in your window screens).

We recommend fiberglass mesh because it is the smoothest running in our doors.

For pet owners, we offer “TuffScreen”, which is a scratch-resistant polyester mesh that is not quite as smooth when retracting. 

Product Features

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All screen components excluding the mesh have a lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects.

Pivot Pro Handle

The Pivot Pro allows for easy opening of your screen door.

Brass Bushing

Our screens contain a brass bushing in the rolling mechanism that extends their life.

Smooth Guides

Our guide design along with Teflon-infused plastics create the smoothest-riding screen in the industry.


Protection – Retractable screens offer protection against insects from coming into your home.

Customized –  Any retractable screen will be cut to the size of your door, window or large opening and will fit into any space around your house.

Convenient and user-friendly – Our retractable screens are there when you need them and tuck away discreetly when not in use.

Fresh Air – Bring fresh air into your home

Energy Savings – Screen doors save money on your utility bills during the hotter months of the year by reducing air conditioning use.

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