Our Story

“I am consistently reminded that when you go out of your way to satisfy a customer, good things usually happen for both the customer and our Company.”

– Pete Ingram, CEO

What we do

We manufacture and distribute top-quality retractable screen systems, and we are proud to be an industry leader since 1997.  Our retractable screen doors, window screens, and large opening screens are built with high-quality raw materials to exacting standards by our focused and committed production team.

Our install partner network

The install partners that sell and install our screens all over North America are an extension of Mirage.  They are our brand ambassadors, professional installers, and passionate supporters of our products.  We place much faith in them and we are grateful that they repay this with their commitment and honest hard work.

Our mission & philosophy

Provide great products and service.

Mirage seeks to have more and more homeowners experience the functionality and beauty of our products each year.  In doing so, we aim to elevate the quality of the customer experience when interacting with our Company and our dealers.

Over our twenty + years of operation, we have learned that long-term thinking and acting can be hard – but is always worth it.  Consistent dedication to a quality product is key but we have also learned that something as simple as picking up the phone is one of the most important functions of a successful business.

Mirage Community Support

Mirage Screen Systems Inc. strives to make an impact where it can through three channels of giving. We recognize that by using our resources to contribute and facilitate charitable giving and charitable work, we can create positive change in the world we live in.

  1. Internationally through the Against Malaria Foundation.
  2. Across North America through our Dealer Network and their local charitable partnerships.
  3. Local, hands-on volunteering by the employees of Mirage.