retractable screen for patios

Create a Protected Outdoor Room with Mirage Horizon Screens

Mirage Screen Systems makes retractable screens for patio enclosures, which means that while you enjoy your patio you can also keep out unwanted insects, reduce harmful UV rays, create privacy with different mesh options, and even block the wind!

retractable screen for patio enclosures

Mirage patio enclosure screens not only adjust these conditions quickly and easily, but also allow you to do so in a practical and attractive way. Mirage Horizon screens can be tucked away or recessed into columns and archways for a hidden and seamless installation, allowing you to enjoy an outdoor dining experience without unwanted guests like insects or other pests.

Being able to enjoy the great outdoors from your backyard is one of the many joys of having a well designed and protected patio enclosure. Now, with retractable patio screens, you can maximize the comfort and usability of your patio and enjoy this outdoor space while still being able to control conditions such as the amount of sunlight, airflow, and temperature and simply retracting the screens when you don’t need them.

Retractable screens for patios can increase the convenience and flexible use of any covered area – from a porch enclosure or lanai to a deck and a patio – offering more room and comfort for you to relax.

Flexible Mirage Screen Products to Fit Your Patio Needs

Depending on the size of your enclosure and its opening, we offer four different models of Mirage large retractable screens for patios and other covered spaces…to fit virtually any application. Each of these Mirage retractable screen products can be installed with a motor for opening and closing the patio screen. The Horizon H2800 and H5000 retractable screens are also available with an economical manual drive system.

Mirage offers four retractable screen sizes including:

H2800 Retractable Screen – For sun shading and insect protection (max. 12’ W x 9’H)
H5000 Retractable Screen – For blocking wind, plus sun and insect protection (max. 19.5’ W x 14’H)
H4800 Retractable Screen – For residential or commercial sun and insect protection, privacy and blackout (max. 22’ W x 16’H)

retractable screen for outdoor living space
retractable screen for patio decks
motorized retractable screen for patio

Large Retractable Screens Customized For Any Home

After years of serving homeowners, Mirage fully understands how important it is to have your retractable patio screens blend seamlessly with the design and color choices of your patio and the rest of your home. We put the same amount of commitment into our color choices and screen mesh options, enabling us to provide you with a retractable patio screen system that functions effectively, but will also be discreet and out of sight when they are retracted.

Regardless of your choice of colors – from a standard or designer color choice to even one of our custom-matched applications – you can be sure that our colors and retractable screen products are specially formulated to resist damage from UV rays and salt water.

Find out more about our full range of colors as well as our custom color mixing options that will make complementing your home’s décor easy and beautifully done.

Retractable Patio Screens Designed To Last Longer

At Mirage Retractable Screens, we’re committed to making quality screen products that are built to last, from the heavy-duty screen mesh fabric to the high quality aluminum and powder coating, plus long-lasting internal mechanisms.

Learn more about the advantages of a Mirage retractable screen system and take the opportunity to work closely with one of our Mirage screen dealers to ensure your Horizon retractable patio enclosure screens will blend perfectly with your home or space.

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