Motorized Screens Maintenance & Care

You have purchased one of the finest large format screen products on the market today! Mirage takes great pride in manufacturing quality products that will provide you, our valued customer, with years of trouble-free enjoyment. Although the Mirage power screen and large format manual screen is designed to be virtually a maintenance-free product, we would like to suggest some simple routine maintenance tips that will enhance and maintain your Mirage screen.

  • At all times, keep the motor away from direct contact with the elements. If you need to wash your screen or housing, use warm soapy water and a soft clean cloth and apply gentle pressure.
  • We also suggest you liberally lubricate the zipper tracks every 3 months with Mirage Silicone spray lubricant (ask your Mirage Dealer).
  • Screens should be kept free of holes and be completely intact. Periodically inspect screens for cuts, scratches, or holes. Contact your local Mirage Dealer to repair or replace damaged screens.