Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retractable screen door?

Retractable screen doors unlike traditional screen doors vanish. You can match the housing unit to the color of the doorway, so they hide nicely on each side. There when you need them, gone when you don’t. With an easy-to-use handle that latches onto a magnet, you can open and close it effortlessly.  To retract the screen you release the door from the magnet and the screen will retract into its housing.

Mirage retractable screen doors are cycle tested and have some features that make it the smoothest screen in the industry. The Teflon infused plastics create a smooth-riding screen and our powder-coated aluminum will make sure it last in any environment.

Which retractable screen fits your needs?

We offer 3 types of screens that fit different needs.

1750 Retractable Screen Doors
Our retractable screen door is a perfect fit for all regular doors around the house as well as French doors. We offer 8 standard colors and 18 Diamond series colors. With its limited lifetime warranty and great features such as Teflon infused guides, Pivot Pro Handle and brass bushing in the rolling mechanism the 1750 retractable screen door is suited for any door in and around your house.
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3500 Large Opening Screen Doors
The Large Opening Screen door is made for bi-fold and multi-panel sliding doors. The 3500 has a max length of 14 feet and unlike our 1750 retractable screen, the 3500 is retained in its tracks. 
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H4800 Motorized Screens
Motorized screens are made for larger openings, such as garages and patio enclosures. Keep the warmth in during the winter, and the sun out in the summer. We can help any customer or business that is looking for more privacy or comfort. 
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How to order a retractable screen door?

At Mirage we are proud to use over 450 installers in the United States and Canada. On our website, you can see  the “find your installer” button, click on this to then enter your postal code or zip code to find the nearest dealer to you. Once you call to schedule a consultation,  the dealer will share their expertise on which retractable screen is the best fit. They will measure your door for a custom fit to make sure you have a smooth running screen.


How to get your lifetime warranty?

After our install partner has installed the screen, you can come back to our website and fill in the warranty form. After filling this in, you can be sure that your screen has the limited lifetime warranty it deserves.