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Address: Whitby, Ontario, Canada,
Phone: 647-454-3761
Email: chrisharrishandyman@gmail.com

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Are you looking for a dealer selling Retractable Screens in Whitby? Harris Home Renovations is the dealer for you!

Harris Home Renovations is a licensed and insured contracting service to help with big & small projects in Whitby, Ontario.

My story begins way back when I was a kid and school was on, my Dad and I always had a list of stuff to do or fix around our house every Saturday and we would spend all day working on the house and then Sunday was a fun day.
In the summer at the cottage, my Dad and friends would have most of the summer off so Monday to Saturday we would ALWAYS have a task to do! Soon I was a full-time construction worker, doing everything from irrigation systems, plumbers assistant, deck building, fence building, building condos, water treatment plants, roads, framing new homes, rebuilding houses in the bridal path and so much more!

I have a trusted list of qualified subcontractors that I keep a close eye on and only provide the BEST work with the BEST materials and the BEST warranty with guaranteed prices in a CLEAR contract that don’t change without notice or you being shown and clearly explained why there is a change. My goal is only to make you happy.

No excuses, no sorries just good quality, reliable warranty backed work. References are available. Contact us for a quote today.

Harris Home Renovations Whitby, Ontario – An Authorized Dealer for Mirage Retractable Screens

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Retractable Screen Products Offered

Benefits of Mirage Retractable Screens

  • Protection from insects and other pests
  • Increased fresh air and comfort
  • Reduced energy bills as a result of cooling your home naturally
  • Out of the way when not in use

The quality difference of Mirage is visible in many ways including superior coatings, components, and options.

Mirage retractable Screens do not block your entryway and will not detract from the curb appeal of your home. Maximize airflow in your home by screening your entry door, French door, patio, window or large opening such as a garage or screened porch.

Each Mirage Retractable Screen Door is custom made to fit your exact specifications and is available in over 30 stylish colors to suit your home’s décor.

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Retractable Screen Door Brochure

Get the Screen with Simple Design and Effortless Function

The Mirage PivotPro easy release handle operates with a simple twist of the handle which allows the strong, rare earth magnet to easily detach from the closure. This innovative product feature is the perfect solution to ensuring that the retractable screen door is operational for all including children and the elderly.

  • No tugging or pulling the screen to open
  • Can be opened with one hand; maintain control and smoothness of the screen
  • Ergonomically shaped for easy grasp
  • Fits all door applications
  • Simple installation with few mechanical parts

Eight Standard Colors

Mirage Retractable Screens standard colors

Disclaimer: Colors may not appear exactly as shown. Contact your authorized Mirage dealer for proper color samples. 

24 Designer Colors

Mirage Retractable Screen designer colors

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