Retractable Screens
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Dor-Co Garage Doors

Chatham-Kent, Ontario


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Dor-Co Garage Doors is proud to offer a wide range of window screens and screen door products in the Chatham-Kent area. We provide on-site window screen repair and replacement services, sliding door screen repairs, as well as specialized screening services, such as pet screen doors. We are an Authorized Mirage Screens dealer that offers the complete Mirage product line including retractable screens for doors, windows and large openings.

What makes Dor-Co Garage Doors special is that we can complete screening jobs through our top-rated installers right at your location. 

Dor-Co Garage Doors is working to become Chatham-Kent’s best screening service. Serving the entire county, our installers will offer the best quality screening services to your door.

If you are looking to have your screens replaced or are interested in having a Mirage retractable screen installed, call Dor-Co Garage Doors today.

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