Mirage Screen Systems Dealers

Our retractable screens dealers have chosen to work with Mirage Screen Systems because they want only the best, top-quality retractable screen doors and retractable window screens on the market. At Mirage, we continually hear, firsthand, how our retractable screen products are highly rated by consumers and home improvement experts.

But aside from the product quality, one of the key differences of Mirage Screens is our highly professional, well-trained network of retractable screen dealers who truly know, appreciate, and understand the Mirage screens product line.

This high level of professional screen installation and service is important to our customer satisfaction, consistently rating high in our after-purchase evaluations.


The Mirage Screens Advantage

This Mirage dealer advantage starts with a free, no-obligation consultation with a local retractable screens dealer in your neighborhood, and proceeds from there. During this initial consultation, one of our dealers will help you understand the many benefits Mirage screen products can bring by:

  • Demonstrating how Mirage retractable screen systems work.
  • Helping you choose from a wide range of colors (custom or in-stock colors) to match your home’s decor.
  • Explaining our retractable screen installation process to ensure you’re confident about your purchase.
  • Reviewing the Mirage Screens’ lifetime warranty, annual care, and maintenance plan.
  • Measuring and writing installation notes for your specific windows or doors to make it easy to place and understand your order.
  • Providing you with a comprehensive, written retractable screens quote showing the overall costs.
  • Answering any questions you might have, over the phone or in person.

At Mirage Screen Systems, we promise there will be no surprises throughout the entire process!

“Our local dealer was fantastic! He installed the mirage screen door on our front door with quality and care. We love it and now have a nicer breeze throughout the house!”

S. Bruno – Carlsbad, CA