Prolong Your Screen Life with Our Fall Screen Care Tips

Fall is in full swing and it’s important to remember to make sure your screen is stowed away in good condition as you prepare for the cold sweater season and pumpkin themed everything. Not sure where to begin or how to increase longevity of your screen? Don’t panic! We’ve come up with a perfect checklist for you to get you well on your way.                         Inspect your screens to make sure there are no cracks or tears both in the screen mesh and the trim or panes of the screen. The abuse your screens went through over the summer, could leave your screens a little worse for the wear, and it’s important to make sure that you take care of those problems right away. Make sure your screen opens and retracts smoothly and note any problems you may have. Contact your local dealer if you have any questions or notice any damage on your screen mesh. Once your screens have passed the visual inspection, be sure to thoroughly clean your screen. Dust, grime and fine particulate matter may build up on the screens over the course of the summer, particularly if you live in forest fire prone or high traffic areas. To clean your screens, use warm soapy water. Wipe your screens both inside and out like you would a window or a mirror, dry the screen mesh with a soft cloth. Make sure to vacuum the housing and the bottom track to get rid of any dirt and debris, and then lubricate the top and bottom tracks with a high-quality silicone spray lubricant. Don’t have the lubricant? Contact your local dealer! Our annual maintenance plan recommends that you clean your screen and clear the tracks at least once a year, however, in high traffic areas, it is often necessary to clean them more often. Following some of these simple steps will prolong the longevity of your screen, and will ensure that your screen will survive the harshest of winters.