Mirage Supports The Fight To End Malaria Through The Against Malaria Foundation

Did you know that almost half a million people died of malaria in 2018? The African region continues to bear 90% of all malaria cases worldwide, and it is estimated that there were 194 million cases of malaria in Africa last year. People in these affected areas need our help to get malaria numbers under control in years to come. Mirage Screen Systems is proud to help support the fight to end malaria through the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) that directly supports and serves the people who are most devasted by this deadly disease.

The Against Malaria Foundation was founded by Rob Mather who is a husband and father of four that resides in the United Kingdom. Rob learned in 2003 that the equivalent of seven 747 planes of children die from malaria each day and was astonished at this statistic. In the following months, Rob was dedicated to start helping people in need by hosting charitable events that raised funds to purchase screen nets for people in malaria-affected areas of the globe. 16 years later, The Against Malaria Foundation has raised over $198 million dollars which have paid for 90 million screen nets that have been delivered to malaria-affected parts of the globe. The Against Malaria Foundation is a transparent charity that contributes 100% of funds raised to purchasing screen nets.

AMF is able to contribute 100% of the funds that are raised to people in need due to the low overhead cost the charity has from the volunteer network that has allowed the foundation to benefit those in need. The fight to end malaria is making progress as The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported that 44 countries had less than 10,000 cases of malaria, compared to 37 countries in the previous report.

By continuing to support the fight to end this devastating disease, Mirage is excited to directly contribute to people in need and we ask that you do your part in supporting this cause as well.

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