It is that time of year when many of us are continuously opening and closing our doors to let that fresh air in to stay cool.

Retractable screen doors are a great way to let that airflow make its way through your home but how do you create a nice cross-breeze?

What is a cross-breeze or cross ventilation?

A cross-breeze or cross ventilation is when you open a window or door on both sides of your home to create a natural ventilation. The key is having the openings on either side of your home, not on the same side.

How to create the cross-breeze

Screen doors are a great way to do this without letting insects get into your home all while keeping it private.

To create this cross- breeze you could have two retractable screens on both sides of the home that would create ventilation. Another method that creates a fantastic cross-breeze is a retractable screen on one side and a motorized screen on your garage door or another doorway on the other side.

The best time to open your doors and windows is in the early morning and evening when the weather is cooler, this will help keep the airflow cooler. This also helps you save on utility bills.

Here is a beautiful example of how you can create a cross-breeze while still looking sleek and working with your décor.

Mirage retractable screens offer both products for this. Not only do they create a nice cross-breeze, but they also keep the sun rays to a minimum which helps avoid more heat coming into your home.

Mirage screen systems can set you up with a dealer in your area that can install one or both products to make your indoor and outdoor living more enjoyable and create the cross-breeze of your dreams.

motorized screen

Many of us this past year and a half have been working from home whereas some business owners and entrepreneurs have been used to this for much longer. When it comes to working from your home it can be great in many ways but also hard to escape household distractions. Many don’t have the luxury of separate office space in their home, so their office is often a makeshift space either in a kitchen, bedroom, balcony, patio, or garage. 

Recently, Mirage Screen Systems was able to help a client (Kaitlin Hargreaves),  summer”ize” her office space that had already been transformed into an amazing oasis. The two-car garage was transformed into something we had never seen before. It had been insulated to stay warm in the winter and to keep it cool in the summer. The floors had epoxy coating making it easy to clean but also easy to transform back into a garage. The design element included dried and faux flowers to brighten and create a more welcoming space.  

Kaitlin's Home Office

“Keeping the garage door open in the summer is very hard to do as there is no privacy from people walking by. In the summer especially, the sun rays can beam into the space and the bugs easily make their way in.” – Kaitlin Hargreaves 

Mirage Screen Systems Motorized Screen

Mirage came to the rescue and installed a motorized screen door on the outside of her garage door. Mirage motorized screens are ideal for letting that fresh air in while also keeping bugs out. They are perfect for making an indoor/outdoor space feel open and private while also controlling that sun glare.  Kaitlin chose a mesh called Suntex 90, that is fade resistant and blocks 90% of the suns hot rays before they enter. This is a very durable mesh that is visible from the inside out during the day but not the outside in. When its dark outside and the lights are on inside, the office space is visible.  

Mirage Screen Systems Motorized Screens

Here are some of the reasons Mirage motorized screens are so great when it comes to summer”izing” your office. 

  • Durability: Mirage motorized screens use quality materials- sturdy aluminum with an attractive powder-coating finish to keep it lasting for years. This means it will endure many up or down uses of the screen over the summer months. 
  • Smooth operation:  The operation is extremely smooth; at the press of the button, it quietly and effortlessly rolls up or down. There is a reason why Mirage screens are called the world’s smoothest retractable screens 
  • Sleek Style: Mirage screens are designed to blend into your design and décor. They hide away nicely as you can choose from 7 different colour options and a variety of mesh colours and types. 
  • Warranty: The motors and accessories are warrantied for five years and the aluminum for life. 
  • Safety: The motor has an auto-stop detection, when it detects an object underneath the screen like a pet or child, it automatically stops. 

If you are looking to summer”ize” your home office or living space, contact Mirage Screen Systems today for a Motorized or Retractable Door for your standard or large opening door.   

Muggy and humid days will make you and your home feel uncomfortable. But there are some quick tasks that you can do each day to create a more pleasant climate inside and enjoy your time at home this summer. Here are some tips to freshen up your home during the summer heat without the need for costly air conditioning.

  1. Open up your doors and windows in the evening and early mornings when it is cool outside

    retractable screen doors in use to allow fresh air insideSince this is also the time that mosquitoes are most prevalent, be sure that you also have screening installed. Mirage Retractable Screens let in the maximum amount of fresh air and are out of the way when not in use.

  2. Perform a nightly ‘air-flush’ by creating cross-ventilation in your home

    Take step one to the next level and add a nightly ‘air-flush’ to your evening routine. This can be done naturally with all of your windows and doors open and then waiting for a breeze. But you can also place fans in front of your screened doors to force even more fresh air in.

  3. Install window fans

    Pair step 1 and 2 with installed window fans on the upper floor of your home. These devices are budget friendly, simply sit in your window frame and efficiently cool your home. Turn them on in the evening to push cool air into your home.

  4. Keep your bathroom fans going

    Bathroom fans help to reduce humidity and pull rising hot air right out of your home. You can also buy dehumidifiers which help to remove moisture in the air. Don’t forget to check that your fans are clean – if they are clogged with dust and debris, they won’t move air as efficiently.

  5. Avoid using your stove or oven

    Summer cooking is best on the BBQ! If you can’t do without baking during the summer, try to do it in the evening – during your nightly ‘air-flush’.

  6. Close your windows, doors, blinds and curtains while the hot sun is glaring into your home during the day

    This will help to reduce the heat that comes into your home so you can keep that cool air from the night before.

  7. Keep interior doors closed in your home

    If you have south or west facing unused rooms with large windows, consider keeping them closed off to the rest of your home during the day and keep their heat contained until you can open them up to the outside in the evening.

  8. Look for opportunities to shade outside

    Strategically place a patio umbrella or other outdoor furniture to block sunlight from entering your home. You can also install shades on your windows. Check out Mirage’s Horizon 4800 screens that are motorized and have sun screening options!

  9. Check that your attic is insulated

    If it isn’t, adding insulation can be pretty cost-efficient and serves a dual purpose by helping to keep heat out in the summer and keeping heat in your home during the winter.

The best strategies to cooling your home and keeping it feeling fresh, without air-conditioning, involve two simple rules –  flush the air in your home during the evening (open your home!) and then keep the hot air out during the day (close it up!).



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Horizon 2800 Large Opening Retractable Screen installed on porch